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Brand OKLA, an electric vehicle supplier for green travel,integration services in the era of big data, we actively explore and participate in forward-looking intelligence and visualization to share a green earth with customers worldwide. OKLA has a full range of electric vehicle intelligent platforms that connect the entire ecosystem and provide unlimited help for social development.

We OKLA electric vehicles use the Internet platform, big data cloud storage, to serve global customers, store big love and green trips, we firmly promote the green low-carbon cause, and faithfully practice the “new energy, recycling, high-tech” concept Guidance on beliefs, focusing on design, research and development, green procurement, system production management, intelligent security, big data analysis, consumer interaction, and fast and effective services. The seven major links focus on management to create a green model for the industry and a green life for humanity. The earth holds a green future.

Active Innovation, Great virtue with one heart! Leading the era of automation, interconnection, electrification and sharing——–OKLA electric vehicles

OKLA Combined with the REVOS smart mobility platform for Next-Gen vehicle to power your vehicle with an AI-enabled IoT solution making them smartest on the road, using vehicle control, Analysis and visualization.

In the end we firmly believe that “Join Us Right Now, Live What We Love!”

OKLA company members

 —Taizhou LvNuo Automobile Co., Ltd.

A manufacturer of innovative electric vehicles and related products integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. Since 2008, the company located in taizhou city and has been developing, designing and launching personalized top-level electric bicycles and electric motorcycles, The products quality is strictly in accordance with ISO9000, E-MARK, DOT etc quality management system, with high quality and high starting point. that meet the preferences of fans, and has taken the lead in launching and promoting in domestic and foreign markets. The product launch has won the affirmation of domestic and foreign electric vehicle consumers. 

—Taizhou Chinv  Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

China Chinv set up in 2013. And In 2018, we cooperated with REVOS( revos.in) and invesgted to revos company in Bangalore, India, to provide industry solutions for the ecological environment, corporate development and other subjects, specializing in software research and development, software customization, professional technical support, software services (saas), platform services (paas), data services, markets Sales, pre-sales and after-sales service company to solve system integration and application system development for you. Since its inception, the company has made ideals in ecological cities and smart lives, maintained high-intensity R & D investment, and achieved very rich research results in remote sensing, big data and analysis, artificial intelligence, public safety, and the Internet of Things. A smart mobile platform that is widely used and active in the field of electric vehicles and gasoline vehicles, and continues to cultivate, to provide your vehicle with an IoT solution that supports artificial intelligence. Through vehicle control, analysis, and visualization, the vehicle becomes the smartest on the road. 
At the same time, we OKLA cooperated with WUXI SHENYUN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD  in 2017 to jointly innovate and develop electric vehicles and accessories to serve different markets.

OKLA has been adhering to the enterprising spirit with the idea innovation and the aggressive. And the idea of OKLA development is “ Today i am proud of you, Tomorrow you are proud of me! Join us right now, Live what we love !”

—Chinv Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd.

Chinv was founded in HONGKONG in 2006, Its brands are electric vehicle brand “Okla”, gasoline vehicle brand “motrac”, clothing brand “O-Town”, R & D brand “Gengli”, etc;  meanwhile is a brand agency, channel expansion focused on marketing agency and agency procurement. The company is committed to providing Chinese brand manufacturers with overseas professional marketing teams and feasible marketing channel services to build a more effective trade information system in China and overseas countries. The company has extensive product information and a strong execution team, with partners in all walks of life. Companies adhering to the “customer first, service first, truth-seeking innovation, mutual benefit and business purposes, and strengthen ties and cooperation with all walks of life. 
 —Zhejiang Yangfan Supply-Chain Management Co., Ltd.
Established in 2016 in Ningbo, Zhejiang, a first-class agency company engaged in international freight business. Since its establishment, the company has established strategic partnerships with a number of well-known shipping companies, and has worked with Ningbo Shanghai Taizhou Customs, Port Authority, and Ningbo and Taizhou. The commodity inspection bureaus have established good business relationships, making the process of each link more convenient and smooth.


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